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Updated: Sep 30

Snarfburger - 2000 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

American Food (Burger Joint)

If we could eat their food all day, we would.

This small burger diner is located in the heart of Boulder Colorado, nestled right off of Arapahoe avenue. But don't be fooled by the small building, this shop can cook up some big patties. The aesthetic almost speaks for itself, from the moment you walk in you are greeted with the inviting smell of freshly cooked food that is made right in front of you. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful which makes for a nice experience at checkout. The menu is relatively simple, offering a mix of speciality burgers that you can always customize to your liking. For those who are wanting something different they can choose from a variety of other options such as hot dogs and an assortment of sandwiches. Their sides are french fries, onion rings or what they call frings. I'll let you think about what that could be for a minute and then I'll circle back to it. Once you finish your main course you can have a choice of desert, milk shakes, frozen custards or concrete. All are a good choice, which are very delicious.

The experience.

Snarfburger is a casual dining experience, you order your food inside, and have the option to stay in and eat or take your food to go. The burgers are made in front of you and they will call your name when it is ready. The wait time is generally pretty reasonable, the average wait according to Google is only fifteen minutes.

Why are we highlighting Snarfburger?

Many people we have talked to have heard of their parent company Snarf's Sandwiches (which is also a good choice), but not as many have heard of the burger joint. If you haven't been here it's a must for when you're craving a burger but want to ditch the fast food experience of SmashBurger and Five Guys, or if you're looking for something that isn't a sit down restaurant. This restaurant can compete with them all, and lucky for the Boulder community we are blessed with one of their two locations in the Denver area. So be sure to give this place a try!

In Snarf's own words...

"Before there was a fast food joint on every corner. There was the local hamburger stand. Good news. It's back."

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... did you figure out what the frings are? Fries and onion rings!


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